Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Insect free

Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Insect free


With the start of summer, bugs and other pests are often right behind. Keeping a clean house and eliminating attractants such as food is the first line of defense against pest invasion.


• Regularly clean around your fridge, stove, and dishwasher to remove food crumbs. Mop the floor and wipe down the baseboards. Be sure to clean your kitchen counters after every meal.


• Rinse out all food or beverage cans and bottles before discarding them.


• Use a dehumidifier if the inside of your house is humid. Some insects are drawn to moist, humid locations.


• Cut back bushes and tree branches around your house. Remove any piles of leaves or other debris that has accumulated as they are perfect nesting spots for bugs and other pests.


• To keep pest infestations to a minimum, keep food as cold as possible. Freeze things like flour, rice, etc. Put grain products such as pancake mix, cereal, bread crumbs, flour, pasta, etc. in air-tight containers such as re-sealable bags.


• Clean up any ripe fruit droppings and take out the trash nightly for a few days — fruit flies lay their eggs in overripe fruit.


• Eat in the kitchen or dining area only and thoroughly clean up crumbs after every meal.


• Inspect your mattress and box spring each time you change your bed linens. Look for dark brown spots on the mattress as a sign you have bed bugs.


• Vacuum mattresses and box springs to remove bugs and eggs.


• Pull beds away from the wall to lessen breeding grounds for bed bugs.


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