Tips to clean clogged shower head

Tips to clean clogged shower head


If you’ve been facing slow water flow in your shower, consider cleaning your shower head for a better shower experience.


Shower head is constantly gushing water out, every day.  Naturally, water has calcium and other mineral deposits which over time can (and will) clog faucets, showerheads.  This isn’t dangerous, it just slows the flow.


There are many corrosive products that are out there claiming to blast away calcium, lime and rust, which I’d never allow in my house. All you need to remove this build up is a good soaking in some plain white vinegar.  The acids in vinegar naturally break down lime scale and rust and allow your shower heads to work like new again.  You can also use this trick for cleaning and unclogging faucets.


Things you need:

1) A zippered bag

2) A rubber band

3) White vinegar


Fill the bag about half way with vinegar and fasten the bag to the shower head. Make sure the shower head is fully immersed in the vinegar, and let this sit for 12 hours, or 24 if the shower head is really rusty.


When done, simply remove the bag and dump the vinegar down the drain. Let the shower head run hot water for a minute before getting in, you’ll be surprised to see the water flow in your shower.


If you are having stubborn stain issues, you can soak the shower head even longer to see if it will blast away.  If you wish, you can use some baking soda and rub that in to the small nozzles with a cleaning toothbrush which will help break down any additional lime scale and remove the discoloration.  Rinse it clean and you should notice a difference.


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