Livingroom Cleaning

When friends and relatives arrive, your living room is often where they spend most of their time. Our maids have a detailed cleaning process that leaves your livingroom completely fresh, clean and crumb-free.

Our routine

As with every room of the house, we begin working left to right, top to bottom to clear cobwebs and clean light fixtures. From there, the housekeeping maid dusts blinds, entertainment centers, coffee tables and other wood furniture. We carefully dust knickknacks, avoiding breakables you've specified not to touch.

After dusting and cleaning glass surfaces, our housekeeping professionals remove all cushions and carefully vacuum away dirt or dust that has settled in couches or chairs. We then replace cushions and finish vacuuming.
As a residential cleaning company, Swipeapp pays attention to the finer details and cleans your living room the way you would if you had the time.