Carefully Handled Maid Services from Swipeapp

Carefully Handled Maid Services from Swipeapp


In today’s era, when people are so busy with their work and many other issues, it has become very hard to take care of household chores as well. People have very little time nowadays and don’t catch up doing everything. So in order to make your life easier and stress-free, Swipeapp offers you Housekeeping Services in Dubai and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Being very busy doesn’t mean that you should leave your home dirty. Home should be fresh and inviting, so in order to make it sparkle, you need to get this Dubai Maid Service. A clean house will give you comfort and peace of mind. You will become more productive and enthusiastic and will be able to invite your friends anytime. A busy schedule should not make your home dirty as there is a great solution and it is hiring Dubai Maid Service.


Being a very professional and experienced company, Swipeapp offers you Deep Cleaning Services Dubai 365 days of the year. The professional team of maids is always at your disposal to take care of your home and make it super clean. Swipeapp understands that each client has his or her own requirements, so the company plans everything based on your own requirements. As you are the home owner, then you are the one to control the work of maids and assist them if you want. Delivering high quality Deep Cleaning Services Dubai, they will start their work from your doorstep and finish it in bathroom. The maid will bring the cleaning materials and products that will make your living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom just shine. These cleaners never ignore anything. On the contrary, they pay attention to each detail using only non-toxic products. When the maids leave your home you will just admire the fresh odor of your house and always hire them for your next house cleaning project.


Housekeeping Services in Dubai from Swipeapp are designed to satisfy all your needs. However, even if you don’t feel happy about anything, you can easily call the maids back and they will clean whatever you need. This will be provided at no cost to you. With Swipeapp everything is easy. Paying for the services you just need to use your debit or credit card. You can pay either in cash or via your card. Swipapp has an aim to help each homeowner as much as it is possible. Even if you are very busy, you can leave your home and trust the cleaners to handle the whole job without your assistance. Swipapp values its customers’ trust and respects them and their choices. Using only eco-friendly products, the cleaners use their whole potential to make your cleaning project a great experience for you.


Swipeapp also accepts its clients’ feedback which helps the company to better serve its clients. The cleaners of the company are never chosen randomly. The company always pays attention to the professionalism of each cleaner and requires them to pass ongoing trainings. So never hesitate to make your house sparkle and just call Swipeapp to schedule your appointment.


We guarantee your Maid will always be:



Experienced & professional


Background & reference checked


English speaking


Female Filipino National


Highly rated by customers


We’re mobile friendly. Book just as easily from your mobile phone as you can on your computer.